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Download these ready to use Excel templates without any questions asked, see how it will benefit you in your place of operation, whether you are a Chef starting out, a potential F&B Manager, cost controller, or starting a new or existing Cafe/Restaurant.


Hi, I'm Robert Leggett and I welcome you to try “Risk Free” any of these EXCEL 2002 costing templates; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are in the business of controlling Food & Beverage Cost, Inventory Control, Labor & Scheduling Cost or Event Management Planning, then these are must have tools.

What advantages can these template bring to you?

  • They are user friendly and very easy to use.

  • Fully automated and require no complicated Excel programming.

  • They do all the calculations for you.

  • It will increase your future prospects and make money for you.

  • Allows you more time to manage your daily task in your business.

  • Gives you an added advantage to capitalize on more business opportunities.

  • Provide cost saving measures and better business accruements.

  • You can digitize all your templates and take them where-ever you go.

  • Best of all it will save you endless laborious hours in time and money.

Go ahead, nothing ventured, nothing gained. [View Templates]




Want to let you know that the recipe costing template is fantastic, have been using now for five years it's certainly a breeze to use”

Gedes Pabritsa Executive Chef
Yukon, Canada

I wish to comment on your food and beverage applications, they are excellent programs”

N. Tomkins Food & Beverage Manager

10 reasons to try our templates

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All employers now more than ever demand control to manage their bottom line!
See how food and beverage professionals win their way to top earnings, simply by knowing what it takes to controlling those costs, join the thousands who benefited by taking action.