"Hospitality Costing Templates for
Food and Beverage Professionals"

Recipe Cost Control


Recipe file management for accurate control and cost; used by professionals chef's and food service managers world wide, providing instant knowledge of recipe ingredient quantity to cater for, whether its 10 portions or 600 portions .

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What you can gain from recipe costing!


  • Ready and easy to use Excel template with no programming required which means you don't have to waste your time and money writing formula's and equations..
  • You can cost as many recipes as you want and build up you own digitizes collection that goes with you, know your recipe cost now and in to the future.
  • Know in an instant required ingredient buying quantity and related costs should you increase your catered numbers from 60 to 600
  • Set your own food cost margins you want to achieve and know your standardized recipes profitability and return.
  • Link your recipe costing to your master inventory to keep costed recipe prices updated, know the impact of your recipes profitability if price fluctuations occur.
  • Link one recipe cost into another recipe i.e. Recipe for "Mushroom Sauce" linked to a recipe costing for "Grill Beef Tenderloin" you can also factor in side order cost for dinner rolls.
  • Import image to show your recipes presentation along with notes on how best to serve  

Want to let you know that the recipe costing template is fantastic, have been using now for five years it's certainly a breeze to use”

Gedes Pabritsa Executive Chef